Sorghum Seeds

Sorghum Seeds

 It is widely known as"Camel Among Crops" because of its marked resistance to drought and saline-alkaline soils, and tolerance to water logging.


Sorghum is a versatile grass originating from Africa. A close relative of millet, it is purplish red grain that grows at the top of a corn-like plant. Today different varieties of sorghums are grown. Sorghum kernels vary in colors from white Sorghum and pale yellow sorghum to deep red Sorghum, purple sorghum and brown sorghum; white sorghum, bronze sorghum, and brown kernels are most common.


One of the major sorghum producing regions in the world, by harvested quantity is Australia, with excellence.


Sorghum is known under a great many names: milo, guinea corn in West, kafir corn in South, mtama in east of Africa, jowar in India kaoliang in China and dura in Sudan.


It provides human food, feed grain, molasses, pasturage and broom straw. Sorghum is also used to produce Beer. In recent years, sorghum has been used as a substitute for other grain in gluten free beer.


Some specialty sorghums are high in antioxidants, which are believed to help lower the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and some neurological diseases. In addition, the wax surrounding the sorghum grain contains compounds called policosanols, which may have an impact on human cardiac health; Researchers' in fact, believe that policosanols have cholesterol-lowering potency comparable to that of statins.


General Specifications:
Energy: 329 Kcal
Protein: 10% min
Fat: 3% max
Moisture: 13% max
Carbohydrate: 70% min


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